Concept development, branding and packaging design for Roots: an organic, co-operative, bulk food store envisioned as a potential solution for the constantly increasing global food waste issue.
Research shows that contrary to popular belief, food waste is a bigger environmental issue than the impact of its packaging production. However, with that said, packaging design has a huge part in the actual food waste itself.
According to science, the first of our senses used while shopping for products is our vision. Which, in a brief conclusion, shows the emphasis of the graphic designer's indirect influence on the destruction of this planet. We all need to pitch in. So how can we as graphic designers do our part?
A possible solution is what you see in front of you: Roots. Where the individual brands and packaging have been removed to give way for reusable, recyclable and responsible packaging. This together with focus on the coherent branding inside the store — to eliminate the graphic design-based hierarchy between the different products themselves.
There will be an in-store coffee roaster where the consumers can pick, blend and roast their own beans, co-op members will have the opportunity to get free freshly ground coffee during their shopping experience!
As already briefly mentioned, most products will be held in large in-store containers. All the liquids will be available in dispensers, with refundable glass bottles for consumers to reuse and refill. The store offers a recycling center, as well as a station for cleaning out previously used bottles, and a "pick-a-bottle-leave-a-bottle" station for when you forget your bottle at home.
A soft and warm colour palette was created for this concept with the goal of it feeling inviting and approachable. For the same reason the graphics have a handmade, friendly design.
The complete half-drop patterns were created using different drawings of fruit and vegetables, to extend on the Mother Earth-themed focus of Roots.
Big thanks to Estela Rivera for co-creating the original concept of Roots with me!

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