Kroma is a community-based resource app targeting colour-blind designers and artists.
Kroma app targets mainly colour-blind designers and artists, however the design is to be inclusive for anyone and can be a great source of inspiration. It is mostly community-based, created so that the users can help each other out by for example answering questions, voting on colours’ moods, uploading contrasting colours, brand usage and more.
In order for this system to work and be trustworthy, the user goes through a colourblind test the first time they use the app. If the user is colourblind some of the apps functions will be blocked. However, every user can create and save colours and palettes, ask questions as well as explore and save other users’ colours and palettes into their personal library.
The goal is for users to have easy access to colour codes and information whenever they are ready to integrate the colours with their own work, more specifically for colour-blind users to know for certainty the colours they have chosen.

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