Conceptual cover design and outer container for a series of non-fiction books of witchy knowledge for empowered women
In this modern time of female empowerment, the term “witch” has been reclaimed by women who are using their tools and elements in a creative way to claim and take back their power. This book series is a celebration, presenting information and knowledge made to inspire magickal action. The visual rendering of these non-fiction books is a concept alluding to the terrible witch burnings that occurred in both North America and Europe. This homage is also celebrating the metaphysical and magickal knowledge that has survived throughout the near extinction of witches and the subversion of women.
Though this project was inspired by events that are centuries old, it is rendered as a modern interpretation as this is a revival rather than an archival exploration. Because of this, the final result became a typographical and photographic representation of the theme. The letters for each title have been individually cut from hand-painted paper, edges were burned, then surrounded with charcoal and related objects. The outer container is bound by rope, to symbolize the release of the witches and their knowledge as the reader unties it.

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