Ida Hay [ee-dah hey] is a talented illustrator, visual designer, and muralist with a passion for bringing bold and colourful designs to life. With a focus on maximalist styles and strong linework, Ida's work is known for its striking use of colour and attention to detail. With a likely tetrachromatic ability, Ida brings a unique perspective to her designs, using her heightened sensitivity to colour to create stunning pieces that captivate viewers.
Ida's experience in creating portraits, hand lettering, branding, packaging design and surface pattern design makes her a versatile artist with a keen eye for detail. Her work often incorporates influences from her Scandinavian heritage, blending traditional elements like runes and Rosemaling with a modern twist. One of her greatest influences is Alphonse Mucha, whose Art Nouveau style can be seen influencing many of her pieces.
With a constant desire to push the boundaries of what's possible, Ida is always looking for new challenges and opportunities to create something truly unique. Her passion for her craft is evident in every project she takes on, whether it's a personal piece or a collaboration with a client.
In addition to her artistic pursuits, Ida is also an avid vintage fashion and makeup enthusiast, Divination deck collector, herbalist, art & design history buff and adventurer. Her diverse interests and experiences help fuel her creativity and give her a unique perspective on the world.
Whether you're looking for a custom illustration, a stunning mural, or a one-of-a-kind packaging design, Ida Hay has the skills and expertise to bring your vision to life. Contact her today to see how she can help make your project a success.


"Ida was a student of mine in the Graphic Design Program at LaSalle College Vancouver. I knew she was an amazing talent in the first weeks of my Concept Development class where she impressed with her wonderful ability to pull magical ideas seemingly out of a hat! No computers in the room to google, just her own vast and creative mind. And from there into higher-level courses with logos, branding, packaging and editorial, Ida’s work continued to wow me. I think it’s her unique way of thinking that leads to such creative and original design work and illustrations not to mention her expert technical skills that allow her to bring them to life!"
— A. Ahmad-Burnett, Bachelor of Graphic Design Instructor
"It was so nice to have a graphic designer for our zine this year — the end result looks great. [...] Ida was great to work with, she was very prompt and finished the project well ahead of schedule. She's a clear communicator and her design style was perfect for the project."
— F. Gilliland, Community Engagement and Inclusion Coordinator at WAVAW
"My beta readers’ feedback was that I had a best-seller book. They loved the twenty incredible stories of some of the most famous women entrepreneurs in the world. The only thing missing was an image of these branding mavens. So how was I going to acquire twenty images of women across three centuries? That’s when Ida Hay came to my rescue. She embraced this project with enthusiasm that matched her incredible talent to bring these women to life. I hope my words match her artistry."
— D. Rozdeba, Author
Field of Potential, Central Kootenays, Canada
ROZDEBA Brand & Co, Calgary, Canada

We're Getting Out, Aldergrove, Canada
• 2020 Zine Publication design
WAVAW, Vancouver, Canada
• 2018 Theatre poster
Sticks and Stones Theatre, Vancouver, Canada
• 2018 TVC Illustrations
City of Kamloops, Kamloops, Canada

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Hertfordshire, England
New York City, USA
• 2019 Abierto Mexicano de Diseño, Mexico CITY Design Festival
Mexico City, Mexico
• 2018 Liquid Amber Tattoo & Art Collective’s ”Subjective Reality” Showcase
Vancouver, Canada
• 2016 The College of Printmaking’s Graduation exhibit, Grafiska Sällskapet
Stockholm, Sweden
• 2011 Brännö ISLAND Art CRAWL
Gothenburg, Sweden
• 2009 Personal Showcase, Fridhems Folkhögskola
Svalöv, Sweden

Awards & Scholarships
• 2022 Ranked #11 on the Top 25 Artists' List, Hertfordshire, England
LaSalle Intl College, Vancouver, Canada

LaSalle Intl College, Vancouver, Canada
Passion to Paid class, Hom Sweet Hom (Lauren Hom), Detroit, USA
• 2017–2019 Five (5) President's honor roll
LaSalle Intl College, Vancouver, Canada
• 2017–2020 two (2) dean's honor roll
LaSalle Intl College, Vancouver, Canada
• 2017–2020 Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design
LaSalle Intl College, Vancouver, Canada

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Self Portrait (2020)
Self Portrait (2020)
Art Show (Photo: Matt Reznek, 2018)
Art Show (Photo: Matt Reznek, 2018)
Work in Progress (2020)
Work in Progress (2020)
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