This is not your usual astrology business!
Field of Potential is an astrology, healing and coaching business with 30+ years of experience — all without any sort of branding, until now!
This project was a tight collaboration with the client during the planning and sketch phase, which then resulted in complete trust and freedom from the client's side. Some of the first things that were decided upon were the colours. The client wished to stay away from the stereotypical purples, blues and pinks which are so commonly used for similar spiritual branding. Instead, the client wished for grounded colours like gold, sage green, warm white and a deep, dark red. This colour palette painted a clear direction for the rest of the branding. Additionally, when the client was asked about the company's tone of voice, some of the words that came to mind were: down-to-earth; fun in the search for self; heartfelt; discerning and honest.
Simple, clean and minimalist were of the utmost importance to the client while also staying true to their core, "earthy feeling".
What you see below is the result.

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