This very personal project was done for my Senior Project class in 2018. A 60-page illustrated auto biography, with the goal of taking the reader on a visual journey where I showed the world through my own eyes. With the main focus on the illustrations bursting of colour, I wanted the overall layout to be minimalistic and simple, with whitespace generously used throughout. All the illustrations are handpainted by me with watercolour, gouache and ink, as well as the typography on the front cover. The paintings then got altered digitally to try and punch up their colours to the point where I wanted them, and finally the book was put together in Adobe InDesign.
Cover art based off of a previous self portrait, paired with calligraphy-inspired hand-lettering. All illustrations made with ink, watercolour and gouache.
Some of the spreads designed for the Tetrachromacy chapter.
Examples of self portraits found in the book.
Illustration representing printing style raster, as well as the effects of tetrachromacy.
A series of circles painted in a gradient from yellow to red, symbolizing a tetrachromacy test. This illustration continues seamlessly over two spreads.
The visual idea behind above illustration also became the basis of my personal logo, seen to the right.
From the Synesthesia chapter.
Synesthesia portraits. R and S.

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