Harry Potter-inspired dressed card design. Hand-drawn character illustrations with the reversed versions reminiscent of the magically moving painted portraits in the Hogwarts corridors. Each suite is represented by the different Hogwarts houses; Jacks are students, Queens are teachers and Kings are the four different Hogwarts founders. The design also includes hand-lettered text.
Above: Harry Potter as Jack of Hearts
Above: Minerva McGonagall as Queen of Hearts
Above: Godric Gryffindor as King of Hearts
This project for my Conceptual Illustration class was inspired by the Harry Potter Universe, specifically how the characters are described in the books. Each suit represents the different Hogwarts houses: Hearts is Gryffindor, Spades is Slytherin, Clubs is Hufflepuff and Diamonds is Ravenclaw. Each suit’s colour palette was inspired by the Hogwarts houses’ official colour palettes: red/gold, green/silver, yellow/black and blue/bronze. The Jacks represent a student from each house, the Queens make up the head of each house which are also all Hogwarts professors, and the Kings are all of the Hogwarts founders. The aces are illustrated with the individual suit icons combined with the animal representing each house.
Above: Luna Lovegood as Jack of Diamonds
Above: Filius Flitwick as Queen of Diamonds
Above: Rowena Ravenclaw as King of Diamonds
Above: Cedric Diggory as Jack of Clubs
Above: Pomona Sprout as Queen of Clubs
Above: Helga Hufflepuff as King of Clubs
The illustrations are inspired by the magical painted portraits hanging in the Hogwarts castle’s many corridors, and the way they are able to move with magic—this is why the reflections are all different.  Around each portrait is a string of text scribbled by hand in a quirky quill-written style: the names of each character on one side, and when you turn the card upside-down there is something connected to each character and who they are written on the other side. I also chose a format inspired by classic tarot cards to further connect to the magical concept.
Above: Draco Malfoy as Jack of Spades
Above: Severus Snape as Queen of Spades
Above: Salazar Slytherin as King of Spades, plus the Slyther-Spades' ace.

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