There has been a surge of people who are choosing a nomadic lifestyle, a leave-no-trace life outdoors, with their homes being mobile for life on the road. Unplugging and disconnecting from the urban capitalistic societal ideas, to instead connect to themselves, their community and to nature. A minimalistic, sustainable, alternative lifestyle where you only have space to bring the absolute necessities while still trying to achieve a healthy center, grounding yourself and staying mindful.
Because of this close connectivity to nature, many who have chosen this lifestyle are also highly spiritual and enjoy an active practice to further align with Mother Earth. Having an altar for your ritual work is essential to many, however, this can be complicated when traveling—which is why a practical mini altar kit can be useful.
This kit only includes the universal items which works with every ritual or spell, for example Clear Quartz, rosemary, olive oil and a white candle with room to add personal extras. The outer package opens up to reveal a portable altar to place anywhere, which can then be removed without a trace.
The notebook doubles as a list of instructions, as well as the tag hanging on the outside container. Notebooks are crucial for many in this type of work to document your process, and I found it fitting to have the instructions in the same place and at the same time being sustainably aware by saving paper.
Every product in the kit is meant to be refilled easily by the practitioner when needed.
The outer package—the leather satchel—is designed to open up flat so that it can be used as a portable altar for the practitioner. An altar is a physical space where one concentrate ones spiritual practice. Either for working with and praying to specific deities and/or ancestors, or as a space for ones own manifestations. One popular way of concentrating and amplifying energies for this kind of work is using crystal grids. I designed my own version of the "Seed of Life" shape of sacred geometry, as it too has universal energy. 

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